1. Curious

We ask questions. A lot of questions. That’s how we find things out and make sense of things.


We realize no person can do it alone. Our failures have brought on our successes, and we are thankful for the people who picked us up when we fell. We pass it on.

3. Competitive

We love to win. But in the constructive way. Sharp elbows are for putting on your desk when you think. We compete with each other, we challenge each other, we make each other better. And we try to be positive try-againers when we are outmatched. When we’ve let off steam, of course.

4. Conscious

We see no point to do anything if it doesn’t come from a good place. And we aim to see the potential in the situations that look bleak.

5. Companions

We have differences. These differences create friction. However, friction is electricity, and this is what powers us to empower others. Please challenge us. We’ll be honest, but that’s what defines a good team member. And we’ve got your back. Welcome to our companionship.

That about sums up who we are. So, who are you? Welcome to our team.